TopSolid'PDM offers the comprehensive management of technical data associated with design, production planning and production

To accomplish optimal and effective handling and reuse of technical information, it is necessary to maintain the experiences of an enterprise. Therefore Missler Software developed a PDM-solution which is both quick to implement and easy to use.

TopSolid'PDM is fully integrated with the TopSolid serie and ensures the user associativity, compatibility and tracking of data throughout the whole design- and production process. The software also gives electronic support for flow control for design, manufacturing, distribution of information and project management.

TopSolid Large as well as small companies can use the software. The small company gets a prepacked solution which doesn't need complicated tweakings or expensive business adjustments. The company products can be handled in an optimal and user friendly way. The large company gets access to extensive functions for state-of-the-art product data and flow management.

Missler's PDM-solution is based on Oracle database technology and has an intuitive and easy to use interface. It manages BOM indices, notes, changes and modifications, associativity between parts and final assemblies, logical control of data between different sections plus monitoring of data access

Continual product development and shorter lead times is essential today to keep up with the competition. Maintaining technical data throughout the whole design- and manufacturing process will increase productivity.