The CAD CAM machining solution with precision

  • Utilization of different technologies (from 2-axis up to 5-axis machining)
  • Quick retrieval of numerical data
  • Automatic recognition of planar surfaces, holes, routes, etc
  • Realistic machine simulation
  • Design of fixtures and processing of the respective drawings
  • Part update after each operation
  • Availability of the part for successive operations and collision detection
  • Tool library management
  • Generation of workshop documents and manufacturing schedules
  • Suitable post-processors adapted to each machine and company know-how.


The complete CAD CAM solution for general machining and mechanical design


Design and engineering departments are faced with increasingly complex machining operations: fittings and fixtures need to be viewed in three-dimensions, furthermore they have to be combined for drilling and routing processes. Machine simulation, collision check, spindle synchronization, raw part updating and visualization of material removal are indispensable for tool path programming.