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For over 14 years, CADCode has been translating computer-generated information about parts, from a variety of file formats, into accurate, efficient, ready-to-run code to produce individually machined parts for point-to-point machining centers, routers, and horizontal boring/dowel insertion machines. This flexibility in accepting files from various sources allows the user to work in the design platform of their choice, from a spreadsheet with parametric formulas to a generic CAD program to a full-fledged cabinet package.


Unique to CADCode is the ability to combine sources of information in a single production run – with the appropriate file readers you can merge diverse data sources for a single job or multiple jobs and create code for all your parts without losing their respective job associations.


With equal flexibility, because they support virtually all current CNC machinery brands and models, CADCode Single Part Machining Solutions can simultaneously create code for a group of CNC machines, regardless of brand or control, readily linking your parts information to your production machinery for cutting, drilling, and routing part blanks. Additional features include automatic runfield control and handling of mirrored parts, and the ability to create and store multiple tool files for each machine.


Want to check if your software application or machine control is supported? Call or email us. Our list of supported components is constantly growing as we keep up with the latest versions and new products on the market.


PartLink™ - post processor - creates g-code program files for individual parts production on a point-to-point machining center, router, or horizontal borer/dowel inserter. Comes with one file reader and one machine control. Includes VoloView™ DXF file viewer.



PartMaster™ - complete post-design-to-manufacturing combination package for individual parts production. To all of the features of PartLink, PartMaster adds the OptiSaw NC saw optimizer, an additional machine control for the saw, Pattern Editor for viewing and dynamic editing your optimization results (if desired), SawLabels NC for locally printing labels on a label-capable CNC saw, and 3 file readers.