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Some operations, particularly higher volume shops, benefit from producing part blanks with a saw and then machining them on a machining center. Others benefit from doing it all on one machine, one full panel at a time, using nested-based manufacturing.


CADCode Nested Parts Machining Solutions provide accurate, highly efficient code for maximum yield from your panel goods and fast machine run-time. NestLink™ nesting solutions give you control over small parts (with both tabbing and onion-skinning), graining, and other nested manufacturing options, including at-the-router viewing of the nest with interactive and dynamic editing of the nest layout.


NestLink will just as readily produce code for single parts as for a full nest of parts, allowing you to choose from and manage both a nested-based approach and a parts-based approach to manufacturing. With the appropriate file readers, NestLink shares PartLink’s ability to read (and combine) parts information from multiple sources. With the appropriate machine controls, you can make nested code for your router, single part code for a point-to-point, and single part code for a horizontal borer, all at the same time from the same data files. Create and store multiple tool profiles to simplify switching between machines and setups.

Want to test the efficiency of our nesting optimization and code? Send us some sample data and we’ll be happy to process it and send you the results.


NestLink™ - this package includes the OptiNest™ nested parts optimizer for panel optimization with paper printout of nest configurations, and the NestLink™ post processor for creating code for nested parts (as well as individual parts). Includes VoloView™ DXF file viewer, one file reader and one machine control.



NestView™ - when used with a pc and monitor (not included) at the router, this utility allows for viewing the nested solutions at the router for easy program and part identification. (Use with NestLabels™ and add a barcode printer for a complete local part label printing solution).

NestMaster™ - complete post-design-to-manufacturing combination package for nested and individual parts production. To all of the features of NestLink, PartMaster adds the NestView nested solutions viewer, NestLabels for at-the-router part label printing, and the Pattern Editor for viewing and dynamic editing (if desired) of your optimization results.