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CADCode Systems was a forerunner in the use of barcoded part labels to manage part and job information on the shop floor. Labels conveniently give immediate access to the vital production details needed in the machining, banding, and assembly stages to your staff working each stage.


CADCode labels can bear a practically unlimited number of information fields, showing job, customer, and product details. One of the key elements on our labels is a scaled image of the part, which can show dimensions, edges to band, orientation on a machining center, and machining operations.


In addition to easily accessing information, barcoded labels eliminate machine operator errors in program selection and entry. Scanning the barcode on the label can trigger a number of events, including selecting and loading a program into the machining center, bringing up the guide pins, or tying in to other operations. All of these features add up to fast, accurate, and efficient parts processing.


CADCode PartLink™ and NestLink™ automatically produce label data files when running jobs. Two other elements are required to produce labels: label design, which takes place in the office, and printing, which can occur in the office, in cutlist order, or at the machine using one of our several local printing utilities. Combined, they offer state-of-the-art part labeling and information control.


OfficeLabels - allows user to design and print labels in the office. OfficeLabels will generate scaled part images with the appropriate data and will generate scaled images with machining if used with CADCode PartLink™, or NestLink™. OfficeLabels allows the user to fully customize the designs of their labels, and provides the capacity to generate barcodes on labels.


SawLabels - allows user to print labels on-demand at a non-CNC saw. Includes SeeSaw pattern viewer. (Label printing requires a PC, monitor, pointing device, and printer – not included).


SawLabels NC - allows user to print labels on-demand in real-time at a label-capable CNC Saw. SawLabels NC works automatically in the background without user input. Includes SeeSaw pattern viewer to facilitate label reprints if needed. (Requires OptiSaw™NC, SawLink™ or, PartLink - not included.) (Label printing requires a barcode label printer and may require a separate PC at the saw, additional connectors, and cables, depending on the saw control – not included).


NestLabels - allows user to print labels on-demand at the machining center for nested-based machining. Includes NestView. (Requires NestLink – not included). (Label printing requires a PC, monitor, pointing device, and printer – not included).